Students’ Union Hosts Consent Workshops

By Rebecca Laffan Rape Crisis Midwest Executive Director Miriam Duffy spoke to UL students on the pressing issue of sexual consent last Monday. The talk, organised by ULSU, aimed to normalise speech around consent and encourage students to know their rights around bodily autonomy. Ms Duffy broke down the issue that many find difficult to…

Opened laptop with smartphone, pen and cup of coffee

Students Warned Over Stolen Laptops

By Paul Saunders Students are advised to be on high alert as numerous laptops have been stolen from the library in recent weeks. Last week, two Apple MacBooks worth over €2000 each were stolen when students left their belongings unattended for a few short minutes. The majority of students leave their belongings unattended in the…


Tim And Ali Review

By Maxine Bramley Last week the Stables Club was delighted to welcome back the duo, Tim and Ali, onto their stage for the Music Societies Open Mic night. The duo have taken the stage at UL several times over the years and UL’s students have always been in for a treat at their shows to…


The Girl on the Train Review

By Kayley Hardiman ‘The Girl on the Train’ focuses on three separate women whose lives are inextricably linked, which we come to learn as the film progresses. Our main protagonist Rachel (Emily Blunt) is an extremely lonely woman with a horrendous alcohol problem. Rachel commutes on the train to New York every day and observes…


Doctor Strange Review

By Ciaran Barrett In the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we follow a man named Stephen Strange played by Benedict Cumberbatch, an arrogant surgeon who only thinks about himself seeking to repair his hands after a car crash which then leads him to become Doctor Strange. If that sounds familiar that’s because it…

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