Glasses Guru

By Kathleen O’Sullivan We put makeup on our face and that can be seen as fashionable. Why not our glasses too? Contact lenses no more! We, the people who wear glasses, are a minority group. An elitist group. We have been through a lot and until mini windshield wipers are created for us to wipe…


Protest Student Fees

By Nicole Glennon The University of Limerick Student Union are asking students to attend a demonstration to ask for an increase in government funding of third-level education in Dublin this Wednesday the 19th of October. A bus will leave the Library Drop-off area for Dublin at 8am and return to UL in the afternoon. You…


What a SHAG-ING Week

By Paul Saunders SHAG week was a resounding success this year culminating in the biggest week of fun, puns, condom blowing, HIV tests, and consent surveys this University has ever seen. SHAG Week was organised by Welfare Officer, Caolan O’Donnell who couldn’t have been happier with how the week went. “SHAG week went better than…

Michael Noonan

Budget 2017: A Student Guide

By Evie Kearney Budget 2017 was announced today by Finance Minister Michael Noonan. Mr Noonan announced €500 million of tax cuts a €195 million increase in tax revenue. While there was nothing particularly surprising about this year’s budget, third-level students will be affected in some sectors. Here are the main points to take away from…


Music Week: King Kong Company

By: Katie Martin UL’s Music Society organised for the Irish dance band, King Kong Company, to perform Thursday night at the Stables as part of Music Week. The atmosphere was electric with alternative dance moves to be seen from all angles of the floor. King Kong Company are a six piece band consisting of Mark…


Seven Stages in Learning a Second Language

By Evie Kearney 1. Tell yourself it can’t be that difficult All those other countries in Europe seem to know their own language and also be fluent in English…so how hard can it be via GIPHY   2. Realise it is that difficult Grammar? Word order? What do you mean Google Translate isn’t a reliable…


Music Week: Sharon Shannon

By Aimee Wells UL Music Week continued on Tuesday night with a spectacular performance from Sharon Shannon. She filled the Stables with a “mighty” crowd, as she put it herself, and had everyone present dancing along with jives even my nan would be proud of. Playing for almost two hours, Shannon, along with her right…


Six Types of UL Student

By Evie Kearney 1. The Lad Exclusively wears skinny tracksuits and a county minor jersey (or a business class half zip when it’s cold). Often seen travelling in packs and talking about hot chicken rolls. via GIPHY 2. The Well-Travelled One The person making a return to college after Erasmus. Constantly talking about how much…


Debate #2: 2016 US Presidential Election Coverage

By Carrie Burns In an election season already rife with continual upsets and harsh accusations constantly being thrown, even more scandal was brought into the political boxing ring last week. A 2005 video capturing the audio of, then 59-year-old, Republican party nominee Donald Trump in a lewd conversation with, then-anchor of the show Access Hollywood,…

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